Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Lonely Girls Club in Legazpi City

Its my first time to travel alone. Not all alone but "alone". It must have been that I am growing up now. Where business travels become more serious and "business-y" rather than a field trip or an excuse to get out of the office. So I welcome myself to the "Lonely Girls Club" (Ne-Yo's song in the background please...)

This travel is very memorable though. It is my first time in Legazpi City and and my first time to see Mt. Mayon in all its majesty. The postcards and the pictures I see does not give justice to the real thing. On our way to Legazpi, I keep telling my foreigner boss about the Mt. Mayon. At first, he was a bit uninterested because he had seen various volcanoes of different sizes and shapes, and he is not that much enthusiastic of seeing yet another one. But his perception did change when he saw Mt. Mayon for real, rather than from the ever reliable Google. He also told me that the more active volcanoes a certain place/country has, the more minerals there are underneath.

Mt. Mayon is the proudest thing I've ever seen. It is likened to a woman or a lady who knows her beauty and flaunts it and no one can blame her for that. Heads turn and eyes do stare for long hours when people see Mt. Mayon. She does throw tantrums as manifested by its numerous eruptions. And wherever you are in Legazpi, you are bound to see her. The Almighty Creator does have an eye for incomparable beauty. It is definitely a wonderful opportunity to have seen Mt. Mayon in this lifetime.

Aside from Mt. Mayon and Cagsawa ruins, we were also able to climb up the Lignon Hill at around 9 o'clock in the evening. It was very refreshing coming from someone who is thriving in the busy and crazy streets of Makati. Being able to stand at certain height and look how busy everything is below somehow gives a sense of realization and different take on things. It is like seeing a bigger picture of what seemed like a minuscule existence among the big city goers.

This travel to Legazpi made me realize that I've grown up unnoticeably under my watchful eye. Suddenly I did not know myself and what I am capable of doing and achieving. In my short stay, I was able to witness how people I had meetings with perceived me and these perceptions were products of how I presented myself to them. I did get inspiration from that tall and proud volcano with its unique mood swings.

So, it was not really lonely being in the LONELY Girls' Club. While I may be the only girl and the youngest one in the group, I was able to carry out a good conversation with everyone, (without any mention of work) and with a cold beer on hand. I appreciated that no one ever gave a stupid comment about me drinking milk and retiring early to bed. Although the ratio of drinking was 1 beer is to 5 beers each for my companions, I was not that competitive even to try to outmatch them.

(The 2 men ahead by the way are my bosses. I just could not resist a photo. :P)

Go ahead and join the lonely girls club/Listen to your friends/And leave me alone/
You can go and join/The lonely girls club/It's obvious that's/What you want/The lonely girls club
- Ne-Yo

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